The Action spray can series has been conceived especially for graffiti users, with the technical focus on a dynamic, fast colour application, including an optimal valve and pressure adjustment. The action series is designed in black, visually resembling the night. Opacity is the main feature, regarding the function of the paint.


The Molotow BURNER ™ Spray Paint is still the classic action can with its unmatched chrome. It took years to develop the technology into a silent spray can without mixing balls. The high spray rate and a filling quantity of 600 ml enables a lot of paint to be applied in a short time. The BURNER ™ also works reliably at temperatures down to -10 ° C..

Best chrome in spray cans

High coverage

with high spray rate

anti-drip™, no-dust™, covers-all™, all-season™ (-10°C until +50°C)




The development of the CoversAll™ Color Spray Paint is based on its predecessors CoversAll™ 1-3. The paint formulation has been upgraded with the latest technology, which is particularly noticeable in the color brilliance. The built-in soft valve ensures a noticeably soft and comfortable application of paint, while the spray rate is very dynamic.

Highly Opaque


Cap with ring in true color*, for easy color identification

*exception: black and white

for a noticeably soft and comfortable handling



The COVERSALL™ WATER-BASED is our latest development: in addition to the well-known MOLOTOW ™ technologies; anti-drip ™, no-dust ™, covers-all ™ and all-season ™, the ULTRA PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY now follows: the ultra-matte and ultra-quick-drying paint is sprayable on damp BURNER ™ chrome paint. It's possible to stay incognito with the low odour spray paint of the COVERSALL™ WATER-BASED.

The interchangeable caps in conjunction with the proven Soft-Vari-Ventil ™ ensure a uniform spray rate with very smooth handling for all applications.

precise and high coverage

works even on damp BURNER™ Chrome paint

low odour

Cap with ring in true color*, for easy color identification

*exception: black and white.

The new Soft-Vari-Valve™ offers a smooth and controlled handling of the can even in difficult situations.

Thanks to ULTRA PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY, the Coversall Acrylic Water Based also works on damp BURNER ™ chrome paint! Thanks to the low-odor coating of the Coversall Acrylic Water Based , you remain incognito at all times.



Hello Jurgen. The latest product from MOLOTOW ™, the CoversAll ™ WATER-BASED, has an astonishingly good performance for a water-based can. How exactly was the can developed and for what purpose?

The spray can development of the CoversAll ™ water-based resulted from our spray can development of the water-based ONE4ALL spray can, which is more suitable for studio, hobby and DIY use. At that time, we replaced 85% of the volatile solvents with water. No one had ever replaced volatile solvents with water this size. We have further developed the ONE4ALL spray can - with regard to the use of graffiti. Graffiti artists have different spray can requirements than creative people with DIY projects and time-consuming studio work. The graffiti artist needs a lot more dynamism, speed, flexibility and maybe. also opacity. The CoversAll ™ water-based is the first graffiti spray can with a water-based paint.

The strengths of the new can are above all the opacity (e.g. zinc yellow) and the productivity. Odor-free working is also a quantum leap in many areas, whether in the studio or elsewhere. Was that your goal during the development, to achieve an efficiency that was not yet available on the market in combination and to close a gap?

We tried to make the can more ecological than other spray cans. This is not easy, because you want to at least maintain, if not improve, the qualities that graffiti sprayers not only demand but are also used to. We have tried a lot on the recipe and have achieved enormous opacity and an ultra-matt gloss level. In addition, the varnish is ultra-quick drying, for a water-based formulation. That should make graffiti hearts beat faster and make committed fans happy. As I said, we developed the can for graffiti action: the low-odor recipe was therefore an important property. Odorless spray paint can be an advantage in the action area because it is less noticeable. Besides, we discovered that the spray can is twice as economical as conventional cans - graffiti heads and advocates of large areas should particularly love this property. Overall, the spray can has an excellent CO2 balance.

Have criteria such as environmental compatibility been taken into account when developing the product?

Yes - as I said: it is a further development of the already more environmentally friendly "ONE4ALL" can. Of course there remains a spray can, a spray can. The paint has to come out of the valve somehow, but one can say that the damage to people and the environment has been drastically reduced here. By the way, conventional styling hairspray from the drugstore is significantly more harmful to health.

Can you say that the future of the spray can lies in the water-based paint or are there other technical possibilities in the laboratory to have a product in the range that corresponds to the spirit of the times in the coming years?

Water-based paints will definitely be groundbreaking in the future for the further development of paints and spray cans. It is difficult to say what technology and science will bring to further achievements and insights over time. We live in an age of limited resources - for a long time, industry and research will be looking for other, alternative materials. That is the way of things.
In addition to the materials of the paints, there are also other things that can be innovated and developed further, such as the spray can itself, or other important components. Unfortunately I cannot say more.

What will happen to the water-based CoversAll ™ in the near future?

In any case, we have 180 new colors in the laboratory that we are currently analyzing and adjusting. After approval of all involved departments and quality assurance, we will start with them. We are simply ultra-fast!

Interview by: Lisa Münch