Chalk Marker Neon Set (15mm)

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The chalk markers are ideal for temporary applications on nearly all smooth surfaces, or for art applications on canvas. The fast-drying ink can be removed easily from non-absorbent, smooth surfaces. Characteristics are the deep black without grey effect and the metallic colours. Furthermore, the product range implies two raindrop-proof solid colours.

Product Information

Water-based chalk ink


  • chalk marker with deep black pigments (no grey effect)!
  • first chalk marker with metallic pigments!
  • highly opaque
  • removable from smooth, non-absorbent surfaces
  • good UV resistance
  • quick-drying
  • odourless
  • solvent-free
  • raindrop-proof (black and red): suitable for outdoor use
  • perfectly suitable for: shop windows, mirrors, glass, tiles, metal, plastic, slates and art applications on canvas
  • 10 colour shades
What's Included

1 x 005 white
1 x 006 neon yellow
1 x 007 neon orange
1 x 008 neon pink
1 x 009 neon blue
1 x 010 neon green