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You won’t get your hands dirty while refilling the DS-XL marker due to the unique Easy-Refill system with screw-on tank cap. 

The pesky removing of the applicator in order to refill is not necessary anymore. Refilling becomes a piece of cake, even in the dark when every second counts!

The Dripstick DS-XL has a 25mm wide long hair nib that is suitable for writing on any surface.

Supplied empty, perfect for filling with any ink or paint!


Empty (squeeze) bottle system:

  • Dripstick™ DS-XL
  • compatible with nearly all paints and inks (fluid and viscous)
  • for drip effects and large-scale applications
  • for nearly all surfaces
  • refillable via rear tank cap
  • 25 mm Applicator Highflow
  • exchangeable applicators

  • Made in Germany

  • filling quantity 100 ml