Grafx Art Masking Liquid Pump Marker

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The Grafx art and masking liquid marker contains a special liquid for masking areas of work that need protection when colour is applied.

Apply the masking liquid onto the area you don't want to be painted, next apply the colour, let it dry briefly and rub down with a finger or a rubber.

Due to the patented marker technology, the art masking-tool is unique for all applications including watercolour or for sketching in the design and graphics sector.

Product Information
  • water-based
  • coloured masking liquid
  • removable without residues
  • quick-drying
  • ready to use 
  • for nearly all surfaces
  • 2 mm
  • refillable
  • exchangeable tips
  • compatible with nearly all 
  • advice: Remove masking within 2 days from surface