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The ONE4ALL Refill-Starter set for everyone who wants to enter the flexible colour system consists of 10x ONE4ALL refills (30ml) in the following colours:
  • zinc yellow
  • neon pink
  • traffic red
  • DARE orange
  • currant
  • shockblau middle
  • true blue
  • signal black
  • signal white

With 50 colours, the ONE4ALL acrylic marker system offers the most extensive range of acrylic colours on the market. The colour is particularly characterized by its high opacity on almost all surfaces. It does not matter whether the paint is applied with a marker, brush, stamp or an airbrush gun. The colours are UV-resistant. The 30 ml bottle is perfect for anyone who wants to start small. The refill is not only suitable for refilling the ONE4ALL markers, but has also become very popular as a separate painting tool.

In addition to the high-quality applications in the field of art (mixed media), the markers and spray cans of the ONE4ALL acrylic colour system are ideal for designing decorative objects on almost all surfaces. Incorrect pretreatment, unclean substrates and frequent use of these can lead to quality restrictions and a reduction in the colour properties. It is generally advisable to test the colour early on the surface to be painted, in an inconspicuous area.

Please note that absorbent, flexible and uneven substrates are inherently unsuitable for painting than smooth and non-absorbent substrates.