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We proudly present the new PREMIUM shades (17 uni and 2 neon) with a new paint recipe 2018: for a higher opacity, more intense colours and a deeper brilliance of the new shades. What everyone has been waiting for: the new colours come with a soft-vari valve! For particularly accurate lines - without spraying.

The PREMIUM not only impresses with its high opacity and very good UV resistance but also with its quick drying. This way, your works of art are preserved as long as possible, while the drying times can be kept short for further processing. Equipped with the proven MOLOTOW ™ technology, the PREMIUM is the No. 1 reference spray can in the graffiti scene and thanks to over 275+ colours, the colour palette leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to brilliant plain colours, there are also neon tones and transparent lacquers. The original since 1999.



H222-H229 Extremely flammable aerosol. Container is under pressure: may burst when heated.
H319 Causes serious eye irritation.
H336 May cause drowsiness and dizziness.