Train Steel Box Try Out Kit

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This practical set of 4 ONE4ALL Acrylic Twin Markers in the popular Train Steel Box is a good starter kit for all interested people who think of friends and relatives for the holidays. The four markers offer a not too extensive introduction into the ONE4ALL world, and the paintable Train Steel Box is the perfect place to store the markers (and following further markers) in a space-saving and stylish way.


Of course, the Try Out Kit is not only meant to be given away – everybody loves the paintable way to transport his markers; and the Acrylic Twins will certainly serve many artists in the coming weeks!

The set contains:

  • 1x 800555 MOLOTOW™ Train Steel Box
  • 1x 227411 ONE4ALL Acrylic Twin signal white
  • 1x 227412 ONE4ALL Acrylic Twin signal black
  • 1x 227505 ONE4ALL Acrylic Twin metallic silver
  • 1x 227506 ONE4ALL Acrylic Twin metallic gold