Urban Fine-Art™ Primer - Styrofoam Proof

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The spraying of varnish on Styrofoam contains risks, as the aggressive varnish destroys the fine structure of the Styrofoam. To process Styrofoam with varnish, it should be primed with white URBAN Fine-Art™ Styrofoam spray. Afterwards the artistic application can be started as usual.

Special feature: this does also work on polystyrene.

  • acrylic-based 
  • special priming for Styrofoam, poly-styrene and other absorbing surfaces 
  • matt
  • highly opaque
  • quick-drying
  • 1 color shade: white 
  • variable output
  • stroke widths: 4 – 200 mm with one spray cap 
  • also usable as insulating primer
  • filling quantity: 400 ml